- The Unwritten History of the Artist


Patrick E. creates original sculptures out of metal and glass using both metalworking and mosaicing techniques. The creations include giant insects for private and commercial projects, garden art, furniture, sculptural lighting, and spacecrafts. Some of the pieces are for a limited edition production, but most of the work is commissioned for specific sites and designed in collaboration with the designer/architect and client.

Patrick E. began his career as an artist in 1995 when he moved from Chicago to California and caught on with the Benicia-based art furniture company, Mosaix. He began with welding accent tables and mosaicing the tops with stained glass, ceramic tile and metal.

During this apprenticeship, he was able to acquire a cache of skills that prepared him for fabrication well beyond furniture. Four legs on the ground seemed two too few, so it wasn't long before the tables transmogrified into insects, and Patrick E.'s first truly inspired work began to emerge.

The Ladybug was the initial entry into the public sphere, after which, he's been working steadily through the Petersen's Field Guide, increasing the scale, the detail, and the character with each new chapter. Of course, he has taken many opportunities to segue from the bugs in order to develop his craft and explore the potential of welding sculpture.

The sea-life series, the spacecrafts, and all the various critters attest to Patrick E.'s curiosity and essential motivation, which is, "to bring into this world objects which I want but cannot find, and to make seen what was unseen."