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06.27.2017 : Long and Winding Vine Railing Takes Root in Pasadena, CA
The longest double vine railing yet, fifty feet each side.
10.17.2015 : Copper and Silicon Bronze Seahorse
Working with a new material is always fun when you get the hang of it.
08.04.2013 : Bronze Creeper
01.07.2013 : Twirlable Screens for the Growing Place
A Santa Monica preschool added these colorful kinetic screens to their courtyard.
07.25.2012 : Float on
Giant squid on a houseboat in Sausalito
11.25.2011 : Red tailed Hawk
02.03.2011 : All Aboard
The Growing Place Pre-School in Santa Monica uncrates a curious visitor
08.02.2010 : Summer Hummingbird
02.19.2010 : Winter Workshop
Some new projects to kick off 2010.
12.27.2009 : Corrosive Finish to Autumn
Giant Cattails Bloom in Winter, San Rafael. Rusted Railing thrives in San Carlos.
10.06.2009 : Classic Garden Confrontation
Scorpion challenges Snail
06.04.2009 : Bugs, Bronze, and Gates
06.27.2008 : The UC Botanical Garden receives an anonymous gift....
A sculpture of a Yellow Garden Spider (aka Argiope) was purchased and donated by a very generous and
06.06.2008 : The Beneficial Bug Show at Flora Grubb Gardens
The Beneficial Bug Show will be Opening on Thursday, June 12 at the Flora Grubb Gardens
04.05.2008 : The University of California Botanical Gardens gets a Giant Mantis
A giant California Mantis was installed in the UC Botanical Gardens and will be a permanent installa
10.21.2007 : Butterfly Meadow
Finished Butterfly Meadow on rooftop
06.07.2007 : Aquamarine Dragonfly skims San Rafael reeds
One of several public art installations took flight over the pond
03.21.2007 : The Kraken: octomorphosis
The Giant Octopus made its first public appearance at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show today
03.21.2007 : The Seahorse: metamorphosis II
12.31.2006 : Twig railing details
12.15.2006 : Twiggy railing has taken root
The Twig Railing has been planted in its Santa Monica garden home where it will live and writhe in t
11.26.2006 : Railing in the Raw
Steel twiggy railing to be installed this week in LA.
09.07.2006 : A Lookback at Summer
09.07.2006 : Butterfly Roof nears completion
The first six Butterflies are in place with another six to fill in the right side of the roof along
05.29.2006 : The New Moth Collection Debuts
See the moth collection that debuted at Glama Rama
05.17.2006 : The Furry Moth Exhibition
Hosted by Glama-Rama, a new collection of Furry Moths will be exhibited through the end of June.
04.27.2006 : Highwire up and Spinning
04.22.2006 : Highwire Act given concrete shoes
At last it's up to the full 17 feet. And it still spins. Better photos to come....
04.20.2006 : Patrick E. Dragonfly v3.0 alights in Sausalito backyard
Electric blue dragonfly with dichroic banding has graced the backyard of a Sausalito family adding e
03.31.2006 : Highwire Act nears finish
03.08.2006 : 2006 Thus Far
Jerusalem Cricket; Easy-Bake final resting place; Dichroic Butterfly; Beginnings of Tightwire Act
01.29.2006 : the life aquatic finished
Here is the speckled squid with the triple thick glaze.
01.17.2006 : the life aquatic back from vacation
The squid just about ready. Just a few more touches here and there....
12.18.2005 : the life aquatic
Painted a ghostly grey
12.13.2005 : the life aquatic
Metal work finished, ready for paint
12.09.2005 : the life aquatic
Squid Lamp Redux
10.24.2005 : Giant insect escapes from roof!
Solar Butterfly found perched on nearby leaf.
09.10.2005 : Solar Butterfly v1.0 Installed
Check out the Solar Butterfly installed atop Green Jeans
09.08.2005 : Solar Butterfly Prepares for Lift Off
The solar butterfly is about to see the light of day